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Meet Juan Barragan, the man behind JBTT!

A native of Ecuador, Juan has played competitive tennis most of his life. In the last 18 years, he has dedicated his time to coaching both professional and high-ranked international players, but now, his focus has turned to developing competitive junior players. Using a unique know-how of biomechanics and tactical techniques that he learned through his own experience as both a professional player and coach, he was able to create a solid foundation for his program.
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At JBTT our philosophy of coaching is built on 5 core pillars

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Rollings University D1 Player
#1 Player Dexter School
Former Top 5 New England Junior Player

Juan is someone you want on your side. I met Juan through a friend on my high school tennis team. I acted as a hitting partner in many of Juan’s private lessons. I was able to witness his strong work ethic and desire for his clients to reach their full potential on and off the court. I realized that Juan is more than a tennis coach. He is a life coach. While learning what it takes to become a great tennis player, you learn what it takes to succeed at anything you put your mind to. His clients learn that becoming competent physically and mentally is just as important as knowing proper technique and strategy on the court. Juan prioritizes good nutrition, proper strength training and practicing with great intensity. The magic occurs when everything comes together. The mentality I learned from Juan propelled me to a top five ranking as a junior in New England and continues to push me to become the best version of myself.

Former Top 8 New England Player
Conn College Tennis Player

Passion, knowledge, consistency, patience, and dedication. These are vital characteristics that make a great coach, and Juan embodies them all and more. I first met Juan 8 years ago on the court, where I quickly realized how motivational, hardworking, and easy to connect with he is. Over the course of these years, I have worked closely with Juan, being a hitting partner for his players and helping him coach. I have been by his side from the early days of only having three players to the busier days of having a bigger group of players to the current days of having a whole academy (with many players being the same throughout). Because of this, I have been able to witness his players’ tremendous growth on and off the court, both as tennis players and as everyday people.

The players I see today are an entirely different version of themselves, having built a sense of discipline, hard work, and maturity through their training with Juan. And this is what sets Juan apart from other coaches. Not only is he an incredible coach, but more importantly, he is influential. Anyone can learn how to be a good coach, but being able to create impact and long-term relationships through trust and mentorship is rare, and I know that every single player recognizes and appreciates this. Juan carries himself with so much professionalism, exudes the perfect amount of confidence, and presents himself as someone his players can trust to push them to be a better person and player. In addition, his tennis background and knowledge about the sport is unmatched. When it comes to the development of junior players, tennis skills or technique are the easy part; the more challenging part is developing drive, motivation, and self-discipline within the player to work hard. Juan’s training and mentorship uniquely improves both aspects. I am always amazed at the level of improvement his players achieve in just a short amount of time, and it is very evident from practice and tournament results that his training produces success.

I am very grateful to know Juan and to have spent so much time with him. I have learned a great amount myself just from being on the court with him and overhearing the life lessons he teaches his players. He has also continued to help me with my own tennis game after I graduated college, and it has been so much fun to get to work with him, see his academy grow, and reflect on how far his players have come since they first started training with him. If you can ever have the chance to be coached by Juan, take it because you won’t regret it!

Former D1 Player at Boston College
#1 player for Dexter High School
Former Top 15 New England Player

An inspiration to all junior tennis players in New England, Juan has proven to be the top performer not only as a tennis instructor, but also as a mentor.

I worked one on one with Juan for 5 years, spending countless dedicated hours to his thoughtful and effective training programs. Juan’s leadership skills both on the court and off the court in fitness proved to be effective, putting me in the position to play tennis for a division 1 college program at Boston College.

After 5 years of training and leaving me in a great position, Juan has continued his passion for tennis and has selected other junior players with high aspirations to become top players. His recognition through the Junior circuit has grown quickly and he has now built his own tennis training academy.

I highly encourage juniors to connect with Juan and his coaching team to gain a spot in his academy. His dedication to everyone’s game and the commitment to attaining real results separates his academy from the rest.

UTR 10
Top 12 New England Player
#1 Player for Westwood High

I first met Coach Barragan when I found his bag of rackets in a parking lot, and from the very first week of training with him, I knew he was different. This difference is what makes Juan special. Unlike other coaches and tennis programs, Juan’s knowledge of the sport and focus on tennis aspects that other coaches don’t often touch on is what sets him apart. I have experienced many different coaches and academies throughout my tennis journey, and after my first meeting with Juan, I had no doubt that he would the best coach I ever had. Footwork, strength, and on-court intelligence are only some of the unique areas that Juan focuses on, to name a few.

Young players often watch Alcaraz or Federer, wondering how they move the way they do and play at such a high level. Juan’s program is the answer. He has the equipment and knowledge to deliver a high-performance training to young players that will set them up for success. I had never experienced such a drastic improvement in my game before I met Juan. It’s all the small things combined that make a player who they are.

In addition to Juan being a great coach, he is also a great guy who always has the best interests for his players. He makes valuable connections with us and that is what is so unique about JBTT. Juan has been very influential on my tennis game as well as who I am as a person today, and I will be forever thankful to Juan for everything he has done for me!

18 years old
Top 15 New England Player
#1 Player for Weston High

I can confidently say that Juan has been instrumental in elevating my game to new heights. His unique coaching approach sets him apart – not only does he bring in a diverse team of coaches, but he also places a strong emphasis on specific biomechanics that have significantly improved my techniques. What truly stands out about Juan is his ability to push me beyond my limits, all while maintaining a keen understanding of my capabilities. His years of experience show in every session, as he tailors his coaching to suit each of my needs and aspirations.

Current HARVARD Student
19 years old
Former Top 15 New England Player
#1 Player for St Sebastian

I trained with Juan for a few years, and he helped me take my game far beyond where it was before. He introduced me to many new ideas I had never encountered in my tennis before. However, more importantly for me, Juan taught me what it means to really work hard and how to be an adult.

The first times I trained with him, he made me realize how I had not been pushing myself to my limits at all in my practice.

Additionally, he forces all his players to act like adults which is something no other academy I know of demands of its players. While I may not be playing competitive tennis in a few years, I know for my whole life I will still be benefiting from the lessons Juan taught me about hard work and dedication to your job, not only in his coaching, but also with the example he shows every day.

11 Years Old
Top 15 New England Player

I’ve been training at JBTT for almost 5 years now! I’m so thankful to be going to tennis class every week and being mentored/ trained by Coach Juan. He has been my coach for my whole tennis career and before I came to him, I had never played tennis or even picked up a racquet.

He is an amazing coach and has taught me main fundamentals to become a great player.
Coach Juan means so much to me and I am grateful to be part of the JBTT family.
I can’t wait to keep improving my game and learning from Coach Juan.

9 years old
Top 20 New England player

I started learning tennis with coach Juan when I was 6 and a half years old. Juan spent countless hours teaching me the fundamental techniques, from racket grip to the concept of open/close/semi-open stands. Juan pays great attention to details by using video analysis to help me understand and correct my technique, and develops effective drills to build better footwork. In the 12 and under tournaments, I often encounter players several years older than me with more power and physical strength, but Juan has taught me how to outperform my opponents with strategy and play patterns. Juan also educates me about mental toughness and nutrition tips, warm up and recovery exercises, and often shares his experience of developing tennis players. Overall, Juan’s attention to technique and development of footwork has helped me tremendously in my tennis journey.

Top 10 New England Player
#1 Player for Dover High

Without Juan, I would not be the same person I am now. From a tennis perspective, Juan started coaching me at a young age and built my game from the ground up. We spent countless hours on the court with a tripod set up on the Dover high school courts doing video analysis on my strokes. Those are some of my fondest memories now. Unlike any other coach I have ever worked with, Juan has a tremendous eye for attention to detail, being able to spot even the most minuscule errors in technique and form. Technique and biomechanics are the foundation of any person’s game, and Juan emphasized that heavily in our years working together. However, the most important thing that I have come away from my experience with Juan with is hard work. Juan’s court was the first time where I was truly tested – both physically and mentally. This has translated off the court to my life as well – the self discipline to focus and the ability to put my head down and just work has led me to become an excellent student and athlete. In essence, Juan gave me the tools to be the best version of myself that I can be, and I’m greatly appreciative of the journey that we have been on and the path that has been opened for me.

Current USC Club A Tennis Player
Former Top New England Player #1
Player St Sebastian School

From 5am sessions before school to 30-hour weeks during the summers to drilling in the cold during the Covid pandemic, Juan was committed to doing it all for me. In my time with him, I developed from a seasonal country club player to a 4.0 student and two-time varsity captain that now plays on USC’s club tournament team. He was the X factor, inspiring me, mentoring me, and pushing me each step of the way to become the player and person I am today.

Unlike any coach in New England, Juan runs a top-tier program that focuses on a culmination of technique, footwork, biomechanics, and game strategy. Such focus in conjunction with his passion for the sport and attention to detail delivers true high-level training that stimulates exponential growth in his players’ game. I never thought my game could improve so much in just three years. However, Juan’s unique way of coaching made it possible. He put me through intense and focalized practices tailored to each of my game’s needs. He is extremely precise and intentional in his teachings. In fact, so much so, I am now able to teach them forward. Nonetheless, how Juan operates JBTT is special. Utilizing a variety of pro-level drills and video analysis, he developed my technique on both sides from scratch as well as maximized my footwork and physical capabilities on court. Juan not only significantly improved my hitting and game strategy but also physical strengthening through biomechanics and functional training. He understands all of the components that form a complete and highly competitive player, differentiating him from most coaches. By leveraging his experience and knowledge of the game, Juan develops strong, technically-sound players who with hard work and discipline are capable of achieving their highest tennis goals.

Finally, beyond tennis, Juan was a mentor, a friend, and a father figure. Leading by example, he showed me and instilled in me the importances of dedication, hard work, and most importantly, discipline. He demonstrated to me what it means to (1) give your 110% daily and (2) not give up in the face of adversity. Everyday, he tested me mentally and physically allowing me to unlock these qualities which now play a fundamental role in my academic, professional, and personal successes. I am extremely grateful to have met Juan; he positively changed the outlook of my life forever. He is truly a special person and a special coach who’s ability to bring out the best in you is one of a kind. I recommend every young player with tennis aspirations to reach out to him as my 3 years with him were some of the most rewarding and exciting years of my life.

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